White Heart Dove Release UK

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Our doves must be released at least three hours before sunset to ensure that they have sufficient time to fly home before dusk. Please take this into account when thinking about what time you would like the doves released at your occasion.  

A non-refundable £40 deposit is required to reserve your special date and time. You will be contacted before the event and your outstanding balance must be paid in full at least four weeks prior to your event date. If payment is not made, we regret that we will be unable to keep your booking.

Certain weather conditions will make it impossible for the doves to be released e.g. Thunderstorms. Heavy rain, Strong winds, Snow or Fog. However, these weather conditions are extreme and even in the UK they are very few and far between and almost never in our Summer months. Birds can fly in light rain or when snow is on the ground.  Weather conditions will be assessed on the day and up to the time of a release.    

If the weather  drastically worsens, ‘after’ our arrival then the doves will be used for display and photographs only, no refund will be given.   ­
The care of our doves is priority at all times:- Doves will never be released indoors and we never supply doves for self release.

We will not be held responsible for any damage to your clothing from droppings should you decide to release the birds by hand. The birds are fed a special diet, the day before to minimise this.  However, to date, this has never happened to anyone of our clients.

An experienced coordinator/handler will always be present to help and advise you but extremely discreet.    

Our doves must be released within one hour of the agreed time, otherwise an extra charge will be made or if we have another booked occasion and cannot stay then will leave and no refund will be given.

We cannot be held responsible for traffic jams, accidents or impromptu road closures on the day of your release that may inhibit us from attending your event, as this is totally out of our control.