White Heart Dove Release UK

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Q) At what point during the occasion should the birds be released?

A) This is entirely up to you! There can be a lot of creativity in the timing and location of your dove release. However please do note that our doves must be release up to three hours before sunset. This allows enough time for them to fly home safely before dusk. We will endeavour to accommodate your ideas and work closely with your planners to get the best results for you.

Q) What are the doves released from?

A) When not being released by hand, the birds can be released from baskets or cages. These are traditionally white but can be decorated with floral arrangements and coloured ribbon and organza to match your event. At your request, birds in cages can be at the entrance to your venue before they are to be released so that your guests can enjoy them.

Q) How will we know what to do and when?

A) This will be discussed when we speak to you and we will discuss what you want and make suggestions, should you be unsure. A trained co-ordinator will be present at all times to guide you through every step of the way to make sure things go smoothly for you.

Q) Do the doves return home?

A) Yes they do. Everyone of our doves undergo months of training to allow them to navigate home once they are released. We begin handling the doves at just a few weeks old, and homing training starts at around twelve weeks, with small distances, then building up to longer flights. This is why you must use a professional company like White Heart Doves. D.I.Y dove releases can result in the wrong type of doves being released and if they have no navigational and homing instinct, they will be released and either attacked by  predators or simply perish in the wild with the lack of food and shelter. This practice is cruel and should not be used at any price.

Q) Where are the birds kept and is it not cruel to keep birds locked up?

A) Yes, it certainly would be. However our birds are free to come and go as they please most of the time.  Although when the weather is bad, the birds do tend to stay in their cozy home. They are only locked in and camera monitored at night for their own protection. They have regular check ups and are fully inoculated to keep them in prime condition and health.