White Heart Dove Release UK

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Our doves can be released by hand or they can just as easily be released from cages or baskets.

Whether a celebrity wedding or an intimate wedding, a large venue or a simple cottage church, we have attended them all and our displays show our professionalism and our attention to detail.

Our range of cages and baskets is second to none. It has taken years to source these displays to bring you the very best for your special occasion.

You will find that a lot of dove release companies use the same cages for every occasion. We have found that having such a large display and flowers and organza in every possible colour, that we rarely have two weddings the same.

Your doves can be displayed in the entrance to your venue so that when you emerge for the first time as a married couple, your doves are the first thing you see. Its often a very touching moment for all involved.

Please take a moment to peruse our wonderful displays.